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Our mission is to support the most needy children in Thailand. We help orphans, HIV+ children, refugees, street kids, children with medical conditions, and disabled children.

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thai post “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

When Rosemary Budding retired from 42 years of teaching in 2008, the last thing she thought she’d want to do with her newfound freedom was to head straight back into the classroom… But Rosemary arrived as a volunteer at the Father Ray Foundation in Pattaya ready to help in any way she could and that meant returning to teaching at the Vocational School for People with Disabilities.

“It soon became evident that this was something I looked forward to each day. The Students, while always attentive and enthusiastic to learn, had a remarkable spirit and optimism emanating from them. Whilst I worked alongside the Volunteers on the other projects, my heart and mind was with the Students at Mahatai - The Vocational School for People with Disabilities.”

Rosemary with a class

Eight years on, and in her 70th year, Rosemary is preparing to bungee jump to raise funds for the project that has forged a special place in her heart.

“Needless to say, I fell in love with the students and returned there for three further terms of six months, just to teach English at Mahatai.”

“If for some reason, lessons were cancelled, I missed my contact time with the Students. It was then I really realized that being there was twofold. Could it be I was receiving more than I was giving? Quite definitely, yes! I took whatever opportunities there were to be with them - visits to the temples, going on trips and helping them outside class time.”

As Rosemary prepares for a trip that will take in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Bali and Indian, we asked why she had chosen to bungee jump to raise funds.

“I don't consider myself someone that is constantly looking for thrill-seeking activities but I do love travel and will avail of the opportunities there are to see places in a different way. For example, hot air ballooning over the Valley of the Kings in Luxor and helicopter rides in Hawaii and New York.”

“When visiting friends on New Zealand’s South Island I was taken to see the bungee jumping. While watching, I regretted that I had missed an opportunity to fundraise for children of the Father Ray Foundation. So, I made a promise that I would return to do it in the future.”

“At a later date, I decided to do the jump for my 70th birthday, but as my birthday is in May and that is winter in the Southern Hemisphere, I postponed the jump to December 2016 - still in my 70th year.”

Rosemary at Father Ray Foundation

“There's a quotation by Neale Donald Walsh that I came across many moons ago – “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. However, the motivation and inspiration to do the jump, comes from working and living with the children and students at The Father Ray Foundation and its projects supported by Thai Children’s Trust.”

We’re thrilled to have supporters as dedicated and brave as Rosemary. She aims to raise £5,000 in sponsorship for her bungee jump. Please support her valiant effort and sponsor Rosemary at her JustGiving Page today.

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